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The smartest solution to start a business overseas.

Why Virtual Office?

  • 1. Super cheap

    Even big companies it is very costly to build overseas office. Local employment, taxes, rents and all the costs makes the ambitious dream to retreat in a couple of years. You can cut the cost to 1/100 or even 1/10,000 when you build virtual offices.

  • 2. Prestigious

    Because of the cost of rent, many overseas offices are not located in downtown. But you can make your business at the center of Silicon valley, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai when you make it a virtual office. Your homepage and business card will look different.

  • 3. Easy to exit

    Because you didn't invested much, you can always leave it and start new without burden. Industry and business always change. You sometimes maybe always change to survive and prosper. You can make the virtual office contranct even under 1 year when you are just tapping the market.

  • 4. They all do it

    If you didn't heard of virtual offices yet, it is rather rare these day. Even large companies are using it. Because it has all the benefits and vitually no downside for new initiatives. They try new things more to maintain the market leader position. You can do it like their way, and your way.

Why Bizinone?

Among all the vitual offices, why you should choose Bizinone? Bizinone's virtual offices are just like the offices of bigger business centers, just the price is of local office. We made it possible connecting small virtual offices in the world.

The Lowest Price

Bizinone is the consortium of small to medium sized virtual offices. Most of them are not charing premium price list bigger buisness centers, even if they are located pretigious locations.

Global Network

Bizinone is contantly searching and making partnership with most competitive virtual offices all over the world. It started from Singapore and has expanded to US, Korea, Indonesia, China and Japan.

One-stop Service

Bizinone is expanding various partnership with local businesses to get you whatever you need to start a overseas business. Offices, Agents, Lawyers, Marketing, Homepage and IT services, even staionaries are on your finger tip at Bizinone Virtual office.

Price Table

Virtual Office

VO Basic VO Standard VO Platinum
Addres Registration  
PO box for mail receipt 
Meeting Room (8 hrs/mo) 
Visitor Concierge Service 
Private Office (10 hrs/mo) 
KOREA KRW 100,000 /mo. KRW 150,000 /mo. KRW 200,000 /mo.
SINGAPORE SGD 60 /mo. SGD 90 /mo. SGD 150 /mo.
INDONESIA IDR 440,000 /mo. IDR 715,000 /mo. IDR 950,000 /mo.

*Prices vary depending on the contracted period

Anyconnect Services

Anyconnect is an unparalleled support service. With the Anyconnect service, you can't miss your important calls even if you are away. The Service includes the following:
- Direct Telephone Number (Company representative number): A secretary will answer the call for you.
- Call redirection service: Your business calls will be directed to your mobile, Skype, or other designated number
- Fax forwarding: Fax documents will be forwarded to you.

VO Basic VO Standard VO Platinum
KOREA N/A KRW 50,000 /mo. KRW 50,000 /mo.
SINGAPORE N/A SGD 50 /mo. SGD 50 /mo.