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[Indonesia] New service of accounting & tax reporting

  2015-09-04 15:30:02

Bizinone Indonesia started accounting bookkeepingand tax report service. Bizinone customer, mostly a start-up or SME, who juststarts operation in Indonesia faces an issue how to manage accounting and taxissue. A Company, just after incorporation in Indonesia, should report corporateincome tax, employee income tax and VAT to the government, and might pay thepenalty if it fails in right tax reporting. However, most of branch offices ornewly incorporated companies start operation only with one or a few staffs, andit might lead to a blank in administrative work. So, an expert who can gap thebank is crucial to the new branch or company in Indonesia.   

The president director of Bizinone Indonesia had long experiencein planning and administrative work in LG Electronics, and was CFO, LGElectronics Indonesia responsible for two factories and one sales &marketing company. His wide and profound experience will support customers tosolve current issues and avoid future risks. Contact