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Bizinone Opening Promotion

  2015-08-26 16:30:10

Now is the start-up era. At this moment, lots of new companies are starting up. Some of them will hit the jackpot, but some will fade away before showing their potentials. Why do many start-ups or SMEs collapse down in the middle, although they have brilliant idea or differentiated technology? It is not because they are lack of core competency but because they fail in managing administrative works such as cash flow, accounting, tax, HR, IT or that they continue operation without any consultancy with an expert who would compensate their inexperience.    

In order to support them, Bizinone opened BIZINONE.COM to ensure them to focus on their main operation as providing expertise consulting service, outsourcing service of administrative work, and serviced office with reasonable price. Below is three main services which Bizinone provides.

1.      Flexible work place with low price: virtual office, serviced office
2.      Expertise consulting, and outsourcing service of administrative work:
         incorporation consulting, legal advisory, accounting/tax, patent/trademark, HR,
         immigration consulting
3.      IT Support service: website building, on-line marketing and  IT work tools

Bizinone website also provides knowledge based database so that the visitors could find answers on unsolved question, and real-time inquiry board. 

As opening promotion event, Bizinone provides 1,000 mileage point to all customers who register as member. Registered member can redeem the point to get discounted service or purchase event item. Detailed mileage point policy is explained in home>Q&A> FAQ.