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Alliance with vOffice

  2015-08-26 16:39:28

Bizinone made strategic alliance with vOffice headquartered in Malaysia which grows rapidly as global company specialized in virtual office and serviced office. It will provide more benefits to both companies.

Since started up in Australia, 2003, Voffice expanded its business to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and HongKong as building up more than 30 business centres. Especially it showed strong capabilities in virtual office, and served more than 18,000 customers from 56 countries. It presides in Indonesia with strong network as setting up 8 business centres in Jakarta and adding it up even in Surabaya, 2nd largest city in Indonesia, and Bali. It also continued building up 2~3 centres in prestigious buildings in each capital city of Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. 

Through the alliance between Bizinone and vOffice, Bizinone could provide more wider range of choices in virtual office and serviced office to the Bizinone customers, and also provide variety of corporate services to the vOffice customers. If Bizinone customer purchases virtual office service from vOffice, the customer could get the both benefits from Bizione and vOffice. For example, the customer could use the service of every global business centre belonging to vOffice network and accumulate Bizinone mileage point.