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Online Marketing

Online marketing is the most powerful and economical tools at present. Bizinone provides comprehensive online marketing solutions at global regions collaborating with Google and local ad partners.

Online Ads

  1. Keyword ads
    Keyword ads are conducted on CPC(Cost per Click) or CPT/CPM(Cost per Thousand/Cost per Million). You need to pay per visit to your website when you chose CPC. You will need to pay per views on your advertisement when you chose CPT/CPM.

  2. Banner Ads
    Bizinone creates banners for your request or you can submit banners for advertisement campaigns. Banner ad is also charged on CPC or CPT/CPM

  3. Social Ads
    Bizinone also provides ad/promotions at SNS(Facebook, Twitter) and popular blogs.


Online marketing is conducted budget based, which means you need to deposit a certain amount of money to start marketing. Online marketing is bidding based. You budget will be spent to win the bid to show the ads to your potential customers. No one know how much the bidding price will be, so Bizinone ad manager controls the max bid price of each ad items to meet you ad budget plan.

The minimum ad budget for a month is $200~$300. Average budgets of SMBs are $1,000 ~ $2,000.