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[Korea] Tax learning program for lawyers in Bizinone Korea

  2016-02-26 20:46:02

Bizinone Korea has announced it will hold a tax class for lawyers. This is not the first time it holds a class this year. Bizinone’s marketing classes
and tax classes are well known for its practicality. This tax class is programmed for lawyers who owns his or her business.
The class will be conducted by tax accountant, Mr. Jang, Jun Jin, a trusted partner of Bizinone, who is also a tenant of Lawinone collective office.

1. Basic of Korean tax structure
2. How can lawyers save value added tax
3. How to save income tax
4. How to prepare audit from Korea Tax Service
5. Q&A

The class will commence in October. For more information, please call

Bizinone Korea is a subsidiary of Bizinone Global located in Singapore.
Lawinoneâ„¢ is a business center for lawyers serviced by Bizinone, Inc.