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IT/Other Services - Website Creation/Launching

Website Creation

Having a website is now one of the absolute necessities to run any kind of business. These days companies build their websites before even start the business, as it is the most popular way to contact your customers. Bizinone knows what customers need to set up a website, and the support required to keep it up and running for many years.



Homepage / Mobile homepage

Our homepage building solution is tailored to work with a wide range of devices like PCs, Laptops, tablets, smart phones and even for smart TVs. Stemming from responsive website experience with clients such as conservative law firms, Bizinone has demonstrated a solid website design and development experience serving customers of various industries for many years. Our service and expertise were acknowledged by many customers from a wide variety of industries. We know that the most important aspect than our expertise is to understand the customers' needs and bringing the best experiences.

Mobile App / Hybrid App

As the adoption of smartphones and other internet connected devices skyrockets, it is evident that the necessity of mobile apps are growing to any business. While mobile apps may seem like a hassle for your business, with Bizinone's service, you too can provide your customers with a smooth and streamlined mobile experience of your business.
To start off, we recommend that you start with either an Android app or an iOS app to guage the response of the market.

Our Hybrid App service is another way to develop mobile app at a lower cost with quick results. Upon customers needs, Bizinone uses various ways to develop hybrid apps including Titanium and Apache Cordova. Making use of the two platforms, you create apps for both Android and iOS at the same time.

Promotion Page for Web/Mobile

A promotion page is a simple way to boost your brand, product or services. A promotion page should should greet your customers gathered from offline or online marketing.

You don’t need to do a full webpage overhaul for promotion. You just need a single eye-catching and supplementary page. The purpose of a promotion page is to give your customers confidence to buy your products or services. The promotion page instills confidence and establishes trust to your customers.

Bizinone can develop a promotion page suitable for any device, big or small, with great design and streamlined user experience.

DIY Homepage building

To quote my high school shop class teacher:
“To learn how to build an engine for a car, let’s start by building a small engine for a lawn mower.”

Our philosophy towards any sort of design is to start at a small scale to gauge the reaction of the customer early and react to their demands and requirements early in the process to have a close relationship with what the stakeholders truly look for. We apply this principle in web design: rather than building a grand website on day one, you start at a small scale to ensure that your design is apt for your audience; if it is, we can continue the design, if it unfortunately isn't, we modify to fit the customer's desires while it is easy to do so.

The most important step in the process, however, is to begin, even at a small scale to properly understand the environment.

DIY Homepage builders

There are ways to create your web page with minimal financial resources.

  1. Wix
    Wix is a DIY website creation tool with the largest userbase. It provides you with various website templates, some of which are free. Furthermore, it offers an online shop that talented web developers sell their Wix add-ons.

  2. Weebly
    Weebly is an alternative to Wix. It has alternative designs to Wix which you may prefer, and is more customizable.