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IT/Other Services - Overview

Website Services

Today, online presence is crucial to promote your products/services and communicate with customers. Bizinone has comprehensive Website services to help you build and enhance online presence. 3-staged service modules were developed to better help client's website life-cycle.

You can order combined package or individual package

Web Tools

There are various on-line tools powerful and affordable. You can use most sophisticated e-mail service without setting up you own e-mail server. You can have shareable online document repository with highest level of security, Video conference system on you mobile and PC, on-line calendar with schedule sharing capability, regularly website performance analytics information.

How?Find out on our web tools page.

Other Services

Bizinone has a variety of partnership with local businesses. If you are thinking of doing off-line marketing. getting new business cards or printed promotion materials, or buying stationary goods, you will be able to enjoy high quality services of our partners at most competitive price.