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Service For non-residents and foreigners

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For non-residents and foreigners, doing a business in Korea could be more challenging if they don't live in Korea. Many of officaial services require the applicant him/herself visit the office. if you don't have foreigner registration card, it is another challenge. Many of official process requires the card for foreigners. Foreigner registration card is issued when the applicant has a residential address in Korea.

For people who don’t have the address or the card or can’t even visit Korea, Bizinone provides consultation services and remote support services. You can consult with us if you have any problems in processing official works in Korea. We frequently help remotely if it is hard for clients to visit Korea. Services may vary depends on client’s requirement.

Services includes

  1. Submission of official papers
    When you don't have enough of time and resources to visit Korea, you can use Bizinone's delegation services. With a delegation letter and proper signature on it, you can delegatemany of application like opening bank account, company registration and tax payer code application.