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Services for lawyers

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Because of the increasing number of cross-border dispute, the demand for foreign lawyers are highest in history in Korea. More foreign lawyers are travelling to Korea to support Korean companies and Korea based foreign companies. Many of them stay more than months but also many of them stays couple of days. For both of them, finding adequate working place can be very challenging.

Customized services for lawyers are provided at Korea’s first business center lawyers, Lawinone. The center is located at the center of legal affairs in Korea. Working at Lawinone, you can go to district court of Seoul, high court and Supreme court by walk. Not only having an office in Seocho itself gives you prestigious title when working as a lawyer in Korea, but for foreigners not familiar with ways, working close the courts gives great convenience.

Exclusive services of Lawinone

  1. Court document receipt/dispatch services
    Mails from courts are something you can’t afford to miss. But for lawyers who need to frequently visit courts and clients, it is not easy to wait for post man no one know when to exactly come. The mail is required to received by lawyer him/herself because the response due is counted from the moment the mail was delivered. To meet the needs of lawyer who need to handle important mails, Lawinone provides delegated mail receipt service. As soon as the office receives court mail, the notice is sent to designated lawyer promptly that he/she can act on it with no loss of time

  2. Tax invoice issuance services
    You don’t have to worry about most of tax chores when you hire a tax accountant in Korea. But even you have an accountant who works for you, you need to issue a tax invoice by yourself. Korea government requires you to issue an electronic tax invoice by 10th of every month. Even if many of Korean lawyers have a trouble with doing this, tax accountants don’t help doing the chore. This is one of the reason, lawyers hire at least 1 employee.

  3. Documentation services
    Lawinone supports lawyers with preparing court submission. Petition and evidence need to be sorted by order and stamped with various type of stamps as required by the court. It is getting harder keeping it neatly because of the growing thickness. Lawinone manager will help this A to Z.

    Korean lawyers use papers of regulated forms .Lawinone understands it is not sold in small package. It provides the special papers at minimum cost.

  4. Lawyer network
    When meeting clients it is very helpful when there is somebody who helps the lawyer at the meeting table. Lawyers at lawinone are used to help each other when they needed. Not just at meeting table, they frequently exchange ideas and expertise. If you are open to talking to people, you will best make use of the environment.