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Services for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs chase for high return taking high risks, which means they live with high vulnerability. Bizinone has entrepreneur service package to help minimize the initial cost.

The package has tax services, legal services, and virtual office services at lowest prices. The prices are the result of negotiation with service partners and the result of their willingness to help entrepreneurs. For tax services, the idea was from the fact that entrepreneurs typically has smaller book keeping records.

Services includes

  1. Tax services
    Book keeping and tax report services are provides as low as 50% of regular price. The service is provided by registered tax accountants.

  2. Company registration services
    The service is provided by registered attorneys. It is also provided as low as 50% of regular prices.

  3. Virtual office
    The rental rate drops as low as 50% of regular price when 1 year rental fee is paid in advance.