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Website Upgrade

When you feel your homepage is too old and obsolete, what would be the best solution for you. It depends, most of times, you don't have to trash current homepage and develop new one from the scratch. If you need just a new design, Bizinone's designer will bring your page a new face. If you want to migrate to new server, our architect will take you to a new server global. If you need a new platform, there you go.


  1. Website Renewal
    We have various selections of partial renewal services. Most of cases, you will have the best output with minimum cost. The exact price will be calculated when you request the analysis of the current homepage.

  2. Renewal Detail Description Price
    Site renewal Site total renewal When partial renewal items are too many. $30~
    Page renewal 1. Text modification on a page Modification is limited to text $10/item~
    2. Total modification of a page $40/item~
    Image change Normal image Image change when image size is fixed $20~
    Animated image $50~
    Flash (text based) $50~
    Flash (image based) $100~
    Main page Main page total renewal Including images and all of components Quote
    Image creation New image Quality(Pixel based size) based pricing $20~
    Pop up Pop up page Popup image design + integration $30~
    Windons/iOS short-cut icon creation Automated short-cut creation Icon design + integration $300~
    Inquiry/application form Creation/Modification Page design + integration $50~
    Shopping mall page Page creation/modification Product/service item page $30~
    Board Board creation/modification Notice, Free board, gallery, forum, $50~
    Menu change Menu creation/modification $50~
    Application/Program modification Application and program creation/modification Integration included. Quote (Price depends on the language and the difficulty)
    Change hosting server Hosting migration Depends on the difficulty $100~
    Board management Spam management On-going based pricing $10/month~

Website Maintenance

Even after building or renewing your website, it is always possible you change the site on your taste whenever you need at minimum cost. Bizinone has on-going based website maintenance services. Not only it assures you have most up-to-date security ready technology on your homepage, but you can always change your site with our help if it doesn't require too much our engineering resources. Many customers are satisfied with Bizinone's annual maintenance service. It is your turn to experience it.


  1. Annual contract service
    You get the maintenance service and the fee is charged monthly. You can also select an option to pay in annual at discounted price.

    - Monthly fee: $50~
    - Annual fee: $500~